In Our Patient’s Words!

In Our Patient’s Words!

Many have noticed some changes in our reception area. The changes came from my desire to have something that represented our commitment to our patients prominently displayed in this space. The new centerpiece in the reception area is a ‘visualization’ of words used by our patients to describe our office.

Often, we will ask our patient to complete a patient care survey after their appointment. This feedback is invaluable as it keeps us focused on what matters, the thoughts and opinions of our patients. One thing we ask patients to do in the survey is list three words that describe our office.

I recently compiled all of the results that appeared in the surveys as well as the number of times they were used. Using an online tool called “Many Eyes” we created the visualization that is below.

When you view the visualization, the larger the word appears, the more times it was listed in the surveys. To date the word ‘friendly’ has been listed most frequently, followed by ‘professional’, and ‘comfortable’. We are constantly updating our information and will change the visualization from time to time.

For us, this visualization helps us see our office through the eyes of our patients. We display this so prominently because we want our patients know that we are committed to them and we value their feedback.

For me and the rest of our team, it is also the first thing that we see when we come to work each morning. The visualization is a constant reminder of our goal to improve each and every day.

This is something that I am very proud of! Thank you for your feedback.

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