Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Gives You An Instant Makeover In Frenchtown MTTeeth whitening, tooth whitening, and tooth bleaching are all terms used to describe the whitening of teeth to restore them to a beautiful white brilliance. Teeth whitening is often requested by patients who have, over the years, developed stained or darkened teeth through diet, habits and/or medicinal side-effects. The good news for those patients is that cosmetic dentist Dr. Brett Felton and our team at Felton Dental Care offer some of the best tooth whitening solutions available—and at a rate that truly is affordable.

How Does Teeth Whitening Affect Others’ Perceptions of you?

Our patients at Felton Dental Care in Missoula love teeth whitening for many reasons, but some of the biggest reasons include:

  • More Confidence | Research and experience confirm that a white smile from tooth bleaching makes a substantial difference in others’ perceptions of you. A dull, stained smile leads some to think you may have poor hygiene and eating habits. A bright, white smile may convey to someone that you are a well put-together and attractive person who takes care of themselves. On a psychological level, when someone knows they have an attractive, white smile, they may be more inclined to share that smile with others, which conveys confidence and friendliness.
  • Youthful Appearance | Some of our older tooth bleaching patients are amazed at how many years a new white smile takes off their face. Teeth whitening might even be referred to as a fountain of youth. Bright, beautiful white teeth convey energy, youthfulness, and attractiveness. It’s like putting a fresh coat of paint on an older car. The car still has the same classic and timeless features, but now with a restored look that turns heads.

Dr. Felton Does Teeth Whitening Right

Tooth whitening, or tooth bleaching, is definitely one of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures performed today—and Dr. Felton provides the most effective teeth whitening available. Whether you’re younger and want a dazzling smile or one of our loved older Missoula residents looking to restore your smile to its former glory, we have the dental technology and training to help you out.

Tooth Bleaching To Help Children

Each March through June, Felton Dental Care proudly participates in the Smiles For Life campaign during which 100% of the proceeds from teeth whitening procedures will go to children’s charities, including right here in the Frenchtown–Missoula–Lolo, MT, areas.

Schedule a Tooth Whitening in Missoula

If you’re interested in getting whiter teeth please call, text, or contact us using the form below to schedule a visit to find out what the best teeth whitening solution is for you. We look forward to helping you transform your smile with tooth bleaching!

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