One Missoula Denture and Implant Patient’s Experience at Felton Dental Care

In May of 2014 I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Felton’s office for a dental examination. I knew at the time that my teeth were beyond saving because of my lax dental hygiene for many years.

After the initial exam Dr. Felton and I decided that the best course of action would be a denture for my upper teeth and dental implants for my lower teeth and so the journey began.

As a caveat, I asked Dr. Felton if it would be possible for me to have temporary dentures because I had an upcoming class reunion. Surgery was scheduled for the removal of my remaining teeth along with a bone graft for the implants. The surgical procedure was absolutely painless. After the surgery Dr. Felton delivered my temporary dentures the week of my class reunion . Although they were cumbersome and they weren’t ideal, I could at least smile and show my teeth which I hadn’t been able to do for many years.

The bone graft took several weeks to heal and another surgery was scheduled to finally place the implants. The implants were successfully placed and again, the procedure was totally painless. As with the first surgical procedure, it took several weeks for the healing process.

Once my gums had healed Dr. Felton placed the lower appliance over the implants and they fit like a glove. I didn’t experience any sore spots at all. Finally, a permanent liner was placed in my upper denture and as with the lower denture it was an ideal fit.

My journey lasted just over a year from the initial examination to completion. Throughout the entire process I was treated professionally, respectfully, and personally with each visit to Dr. Felton’s office. If you are contemplating implants or getting dentures I highly recommend Dr. Felton and Felton Dental Care. Looking back on the whole adventure, it was worth every minute to finally have a smile again. It has changed my life just as Dr. Felton said it would.

-Ron Ellingson, July 2015

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