Preventing Facial Injuries

Family Dentistry Missoula Facial injuries occur all too often in the Missoula area. Local Little Leaguers get hit by inside pitches, construction workers suffer falls and other accidents at the worksite, and motorists sustain injuries in collisions every single day. Accidents at home can also result in serious injury to the face.

Serious facial injuries can affect the victim’s ability to eat, breathe, and speak. Because of the essential physical processes at risk, a person who has suffered a facial injury should receive medical care as soon as possible. Injuries to the mouth are treated by general dentistry professionals and oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

At Felton Dental Care, we strongly advocate the use of protective equipment for every type of sport, whether it is a team sport or individual activity. Call us at (406) 728-0896 for mouthguard recommendations regarding your (or your child’s) specific sport.

Likewise, the Missoula workplace injury rate can be reduced with increased use of appropriate protective equipment and adherence to safety procedures. With respect to Missoula motor vehicle injuries, the following instructions bear repetition: Wear your seatbelt and don’t send or read text messages while driving!

If you have suffered a recent injury to your face, mouth or jaw, schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Brett Felton of Felton Dental Care. If you are having dental problems (functional or aesthetic) due to an untreated past injury, I can also develop an effective treatment plan. We can use a digital x-ray taken of your teeth to give you a comprehensive and thorough exam.

My office is located at 1750 Brooks St, Missoula, MT in Missoula.

-Dr. Brett Felton

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