The Dream Of No Drill In Lolo

General Dentistry LoloIf you ask family dentistry patients in the Lolo area what they hate the most about dental visits, chances are that they’ll mention the drill. Just the sound of it is enough to make people cringe.

Many residents of Lolo may wonder if there will ever be an alternative to the dreaded dental drill. Guess what? Now there is!

Laser dentistry is a very helpful technology in our cosmetic dental practice Laser dentistry technology can be used for common dental procedures such as removing tooth decay or preparing tooth surfaces for sealants or bonding. These instruments work like a little sandblaster that aim a fine stream of particles at the area that would normally be drilled. After the decay is loosened, the materials are suctioned out of the mouth.

Hi. I’m Dr. Brett Felton of Lolo. I want my patients to be aware of the latest dental technology available, especially as it pertains to cosmetic dentistry.

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