Are You Smiling?

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Hello Missoula! Welcome to Felton Dental Care – Dr. Brett R. Felton, DMD, and we have been here serving the Lolo area since 2007. We are constantly striving to cater to the oral health needs of our general dentistry patients, and we hope that you might be one of these patients soon! One innovative way […]

Wear A Crown In Lolo

Wear A Dental Crown In Lolo

Some Missoula residents who have a weak or broken tooth may want to research dental crowns as a solution to improve their smile and overall oral health. A crown is really a cap or covering that is tooth-shaped and when it is in place, it will cover the portion of the covered tooth that is […]

Crown Or Veneer?

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I am Brett Felton of Felton Dental Care in Missoula.  Felton Dental Care offers multiple cosmetic dental procedures for creating dazzling smiles. Two of the most popular procedures are dental crowns and porcelain veneers. Many patients don’t understand the difference between the two. Generally, a crown strengthens a compromised tooth while a veneer is used […]

Smile Perfection In Missoula

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“The most difficult part of attaining perfection is finding something to do for an encore.” – Author Unknown We are enthusiastic about perfection at Felton Dental Care where we create perfect smiles for our Frenchtown cosmetic dental and Orchard Homes smile transformation patients. Here are some of the cosmetic dental procedures we use in smile […]

Saving Teeth in Missoula

Saving Teeth With Dental Crowns in Missoula

When a tooth is threatened by severe decay, gum disease, or damage from an injury, a skilled Missoula dentist or endodontist must make a judgment call concerning the course of treatment. If the pulp of the tooth is infected or inflamed, a root canal is often the only way to save the tooth. Felton Dental […]

Tooth Decay in Missoula?

Cosmetic Dentistry To Solve Tooth Decay Near Frenchtown MT

At Felton Dental Care, we restore decayed teeth to create smiles that are both healthy and beautiful. Recent advances in both techniques and materials have made the ‘impossible’ not only possible, but affordable for everyone in Missoula as well. Dr. Brett Felton has been restoring teeth since 2007. Ongoing training is essential for staying on […]