Dental Anxiety? Try Sedation Dentistry in Missoula

Relaxed patient thanks to sedation dentistry options such as conscious sedation.

A lot of people have severe anxiety when undergoing dental treatment. In fact, up to twenty percent of Americans avoid the dentist for that reason. At Felton Dental Care, we don’t want anyone skipping the dentist, because it puts you at risk of serious problems. The solution is sedation dentistry. We offer our patients with […]

Five Facts About Enamel Erosion, from Your Missoula Dentist

enamel erosion treatment Missoula

Our teeth work hard and are continuously under assault by what we eat and drink. That’s why they’re encased in enamel, the hardest substance in the body. At Felton Dental Care, your Missoula dentist, we remind you that enamel erosion is extremely prevalent. The good news is that it is largely preventable. Enamel’s chief enemies […]

Sedation Dentistry In Missoula

Missoula sedation dentistry

Many Missoula dentistry patients have discovered the benefits of anxiety-free dentistry (sometimes called sleep dentistry). There are three main types of sedation options available in the Lolo area for patients to look at: Inhalation Nitrous Oxide, sometimes called ‘laughing gas‘ has been used in Frenchtown cosmetic dental offices for over a century, because, in many […]

Afraid of the Dentist? Your Missoula Sedation Dentist Can Help

Afraid of the Dentist? Your Missoula Sedation Dentist Can Help

If you live near Missoula and experience severe anxiety when undergoing (or even thinking about!) dental treatment, oral sedation is for you. Conscious sedation dentistry is available in Missoula at Felton Dental Care. We have been providing sedation dentistry in Missoula for several years with excellent outcomes. Whether it is called relaxation dentistry, oral conscious […]